Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow and Sci-fi

Today me and a few of the girls were supposed to be bouting against the Royal Windsor Rollergirls (closed-door) while a few of the others ventured up to Newark to watch the Lincolnshire Bombers-hosted event Silent Fight and see BB Bombshell play in Team Amazon against Team Titch.

However, after a stress fuelled exchange of facebook messages we were down to 6 players and 1 ref in 2 cars, in heavy snow. It was not to be. So... no bouts til March for me. Arse.

On the upside, I met with the events manager of the Newport Centre yesterday to discuss arrangements for our debut bout on January 15th which was incredibly exciting. Tickets are now on sale:

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

There's disappointment in your eyes...

So they were supposed to be shooting lasers into my eyes tomorrow, but last Wednesday right before training the head honcho from the clinic ccalled me and said the surgeon cancelled. No reasons given, it just wasn't happening any more. I was distraught to say the least, and it was the cherry on the cake already iced in hard emotional blows and sadness. I would have been on the train home now, and then reclining in the luxurious warmth of my parent's cosy living room, giddy with the anticipation of at least 20/20 vision (if not better) unaided by cumbersome specs or incorrigible lenses trying to escape my orbits during a shoulder check. It is not to be.

Despite my initial breakdown, I am a fairly robust character (I am a derby girl, after all) and after sitting out of training and wallowing in my own sorrow for a while I started to think about rescheduling. The next day I was informed that the dates on offer were 13th or 27th of January. The former meaning I would have to give up organising our debut bout, which I will now not be able to skate in for absolutely no good reason as I won't have had surgery, but the team has already been picked. Absolutely not. I love organising it. The latter will mean that I won't have trained in the lead up to our intra-league public debut on 26th February, so won't play in that bout either.

I'm really lucky to be able to get it done and it's something I know if I don't do now I never will, but I tried so hard to organise it so that I would miss out on as little as possible and now I feel like I'm missing out on everything! FML.