Monday, 10 January 2011

First session of 2011

WHAT A TOTAL BUCKET OF FAIL. I did not enjoy myself AT ALL. My skates have lost all of the minute amount of cushioning they had on the ball of my right foot and over Christmas it seems that my foot has lost all of its callous (ew) so after 2 pacelines and pyramid endurance that was a mite painful. Insoles must happen. Shame I have no clue where to start on that one.

Then we did a scrimmage of travel team line-ups in one team against a mix of skaters in the other team. As a non-tt skater I ended up skating in every jam. I didn't really mind, I needed the workout. The horrible thing was, I realised I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Lately I've been aware that I'm not really a very co-ordinated team player- I respond well to being told what to do but apart from that I kind of just look out for the jammer and try and block people out of the way. I'm not sure I was even doing that yesterday. On top of that, this is my list of things to improve: fitness, stability, falling small, timing, agility. Got a fair bit of work to do...

I guess yesterday was just one of those rough sessions you have to take with the smooth ones.

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  1. I think Sunday was at least kinda sucky for everyone. Kat said she even felt off her game, and it's not like her. Even though the TT have had some sessions, I think it was pretty brutal: pacelines, blocking, THEN endurance and THEN scrimmage! I totally needed the workout though. And you really impressed me during scrimmage - you were ace, and you kept going up for each jam too (while I nursed my now leper-like foot). Let's hope wednesday has less rough and more smooth...xx