Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Battle Royale

This event was the most fun I've had without wheels on for a long time. We got the Brawler Bus at 12 and so arrived in plenty of time for doors at 4.30pm- more than enought ime to have a wander round the merch stands where one could find everything from shoes to cupcakes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts to skate apparel. I got myself some lovely new Roces wristguards for a very reasonable price! And maybe even enough time for a sneaky visit to the bar...

The bout started off with the All-Stars taking the lead but LRG's London Brawling soon took it back and won the bout by a considerable margin. No-one one let this dampen their spirits though and if anything I'm hoping it will mean the All-Stars train more together over the coming year and give LRG more of a challenge. We were all damn proud of TBB's own #666 BB Bombshell who blocked her socks off and a star jamming performance was given by London Rockin' Rollers' #101 Jack Attack.

Photo: LoKill Hero

At the end of the bout I managed to catch up with old-but-new friend over from Eye Candy For Magpies who recently entered the world of derby through LRG's rec league, it was the first time we'd seen each other in person for a few years and since we've both become derby-obsessed bloggers!

The next natural step in our day was the after-party where we got to have right old knees-up with the biggest and dare I say finest mix of rollergirls we have so far encountered as a team. The less said about the karaoke the better.

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