Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shop & Shoot

Today was a good day. TBB's lovely Peril Flynn took me to the parcel depot a whopping 10 miles away to pick up my delivery all the way from The Bruised Boutique over the pond. They're a derby run store and answered all of my emails really quickly. Highly recommended if you can't get what you want UKside. I bought limited edition leopard print Smith Scabs and I am enraptured with them. They are pure furry protective joy and now I will be able to throw myself on the floor as much as I want without fear of nasty bruises on my knees and impending mobility problems. I also upgraded my nasty Anarchy elbow pads to some nice open Pro-tec ones and invested in a decent skate tool with a fancy bearings press and axle rethreader- not that I can see myself needing to rethread my axles in the forseeable future but hey, it's orange. I also happened upon the cutest ever piece of luggage yesterday on my search for a new skate bag, and knew on the spot I had to own it. It's a wheeled case in this fabric:

Then after a swift costume change we lugged our kit with us on the 30 minute walk into Cardiff city centre and skated around the bustling Saturday shoppers in the High Street Arcade and St Mary Street for some shots for local newspaper the South Wales Echo. It was an interesting experience but no-one fell over and we got some team publicity!

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