Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Missing out...

So I had laser eye surgery on Thursday (27th Jan) and healing didn't go to plan so I'm still chilling and being looked after back at the parental pad. I can't complain really, I'm going to have 20/20 vision or better at some stage. It has been pretty painful though and I still can't see that well.

Things for the Brawlers are going much better though! Tonight the team will be visited by Ivanna S. Pankin (owner of Sin City Skates) and Trish the Dish, who together started the Sin City Rollergirls in Las Vegas!! HOLY SHIT! I'm a bit gutted I won't even be able to watch, I won't lie. I'm missing out on seeing real roller derby legends in the flesh, but enough about that.

They have also awesomely offered to bench/line-up manage in the forthcoming second TBB travel team bout on Sunday (which I will also miss) against Birmingham Blitz Dames in the double header Wonderbrawl, so that will be explosive. Good luck girls.

And the home bout cogs are turning again, this time we will be holding our intraleague debut. I seriously can't wait to get a bout under my belt. Roll on April!

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