Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Battle Royale

I'm so excited about this event for so many reasons! But first, a brief explanation: The London Rollergirls (LRG) are the longest established derby league in the UK and the first to gain WFTDA membership outside the US. They are incredible as you would expect, and miles ahead of most other leagues in the UK. Because of this, the idea was conceived to form an all-star team from other UK teams to try and rival LRG's skill and give them a bout wherein they didn't inevitably wipe the floor with the opponent. The UK All-Stars were born from league nominations, and will be taking on LRG at this event hosted by the Windsor Rollergirls!

Why I am so excited, in no particular order:
1. Tiger Bay Brawlers' coach #666 BB Bombshell (formerly VRDL, Australia) was successful in tryouts! So obviously we're all off to cheer her on (especially as it will be her first bout since she left Oz)

2. My friend Holly will be coming to visit that weekend and will be dragged along to see what it is that occupies so much of my thought

3. A reunion with a fellow derby rookie who shares a love of derby and blogging! Check her blog here

This can't get any better!

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