Monday, 6 September 2010

Holler!! Have some bulleted lists...

Recently we've been undergoing testing for basic skills, as per the WFTDA minimum skills guidelines. We were tested on our skating skill, fitness and the rules. I failed. Last night at training I found out my weak spots:
  • crossovers - although I thought I had crossovers down, I'm not pushing off my inside foot enough. Coach explained that I push off my outside foot, bring the inside one round and then just bring the outside one round again to push off, so now I need to practice exaggerated movements off my inside foot. This feels a bit scary now but shouldn't take long to perfect.
  • falls - here is a word of advice to anyone starting out in derby: invest in decent knee pads as soon as you decide you're committed to derby. I hurt my knee on my first fall due to my awful cheap pads and because of that, executed the rest extremely poorly. Bad choice!
  • rules - I know my shit. I know I do. But for some reason when we did the test I got a bit muddled up on some questions and didn't read others properly. As punishment for being so blase about the whole affair, I get to go to a mandatory rules night where we watch footage and nerd out on the rules. if this was any other sport I'd be guutted, but it's derby! So I'm psyyyyyched for it!!
Luckily this wasn't official testing, just basic skill testing to make sure we're competent enough to start contact drills. I'm gutted I failed as the other girls have now started contact (sulk). Seriously can't wait to get in there!!

Other notable points from training yesterday...
  • Dropping your shoulder when performing small slaloms or lateral movements really helps and gives you extra momentum
  • I drew at queen of the track with our coach! This is a game where you all skate round the track, and are off as soon as you fall, commit a major penalty illegal procedure or get blocked off the track. As I haven't passed min. skills yet, I was only able to positionally block/be positionally blocked, so I was damned happy with that result.


  1. Hey Jen, Thanks for starting this! Its going to be really useful for me to learn from your triumphs and mistakes and in general about the whole process of progressing in derby.

    I will add a link to your page from mine if you dont mind?

  2. No, go for it, and thanks for reading! I've had this blog set up for a while but until you started derby I didn't have the motivation to post anything, but I think it could be useful to people starting out.

  3. I will recommend it to my new derby friends on saturday :) x

  4. Jen, we started crossovers this week! I was waiting for that moment... when you ACTUALLY feel like you can skate! I see what you mean about pushing off the inside foot now, definitely a bit scary... Im going to a roller disco type thing tomorrow night with some of the girls from practice, so hopefully that will be a chance to practice it more...