Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wednesday Training

Last night was pretty general skills orientated stuff- falls, stops, wide laterals etc. But we finished with a drill to end all drills- it was brutal. I will share it with you forthwith...

Two teams, one a pack of blockers, one a queue of jammers/assists. Both rolling round the track at pace.

Round 1
Jammers go through the pack one at a time, blockers lateral across the track and weave constantly to positionally block and encourage hopping and leaping from the jammer.

Round 2
Jammer goes through with an assist who can positionally and contact block the pack blockers, in order to make a path for the jammer.

Maybe in writing this sounds fine, but bearing in mind the number of girls there are on your average team, if half of that total number is blocking in one pack at the same time, it becomes pretty hardcore. Obviously the teams swap over so we were all destroyed by the end. It seems our blocking is pretty damn good, there were inpenetrable walls and hip checks galore. It was extremely mentally and physically demanding drill but was such great practice and experience I didn't want it to end!

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