Thursday, 25 November 2010


Last night we held our first ever bout! I can't quite get over the excitement of it all - both intraleague teams (more info when we debut in February!) were down on numbers and we had to cut it short by 15 minutes as our hall booking wasn't quite long enough, but it was still a bout!

I think the other team won by a handful of points and we finished on sixty-something to fifty-something. Somehow I managed not to get anywhere near as battered as I do in scrimmage, but I think I was probably the only one. It was totally different to scrimmage though, there was a totally different atmosphere and everyone was so focused. The refs (all SEVEN of them! That's like, a whole set of refs!) made calls confidently and loudly, called time-outs when there were problems and generally did an awesome job of keeping us in line. My old mucker and now the Rt. Honorable Head Ref, Chaz Tizer was very diplomatic and is going to be a derby ref to own all derby refs (yeah, even Ballistic Whistle). The NSOs were really well organised even though some of them had never even seen us train before, and head NSO Clutsy Springfield had managed to source a fantastic totally pro-looking computer scoreboard and projector for us! Also my jamming is coming along rather nicely, and I dished out some rather tasty shoulder checks.

I'm a bit sad (still, yeah I know, stop whinging) that I won't be skating in January's bout but I'm immensely excited about it now regardless. The Brawlers have a lot in store for them and I'm so lucky to be part of it.

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