Monday, 22 November 2010

Kitty Comes To Town

Friday saw the first of two sessions we were lucky enough to have with VRDL's Kitty DeCapitate, a friend of BB's from Oz. It didn't get off to the best start as we only had half of the hall we usually have and there had been a leak in the roof, resulting in a carpet being left underneath the leak to absorb the water. However, she did some good drills with us  including some stepping, leaping, and jumping ones we were all a bit horrified by to begin with but actually performed well in. I was expecting to be pretty wiped afterwards but as it was all so skill-based I wasn't and so was even more hyped for the next day.

On Saturday we had our smaller hall (but the whole of it) for 4 hours, and Kitty did blocking, multitasking and jamming drills with us. It was all really useful stuff and right at the end she gave us a really simple tip on lateral movement and asked us to give it a go for a few minutes to cool down. I think our collective ability in that area increased more in the following five minutes than it had in the last five months. We didn't scrimmage so again I didn't leave feeling physically exhausted and beaten up like I'd hoped to, but it was a great experience. Hopefully she's given some drills to the coaches to do with us in the future.

I just checked and I've only got four more training sessions and one closed-door intraleague bout (first one ever!) before I get my eyes done. Eeeeep!

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